The Wearing Of Uniform Outside Of Squadron

Hi there, so i’m not sure if it’s different around the country but as for the wearing of uniform outside of squadron are the rules set at absolutely no wearing of uniform, even in school on Remembrance day, as i’ve heard some cadets say that ‘you are able to wear it whenever you please’, whereas others say that `it is strictly forbidden by the Ministry Of Defence’, i’ve always thought it was completely down to your OC, but if anyone could clear this up, it would be great, and i’ll be able to pass it along, cheers.

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Generally you shouldn’t wear uniform outside of a normal cadet activity or parade night without first getting permissions from OC Wing via your squadron staff.

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ACP1358 Ver3 para 0112 offers the answer

  1. Occasions on which the wearing of uniform is encouraged (subject to OC Wg / Wg Ex O / Sqn Ldr CCF HQAC direction on advice and including security and threat assessments):
    a. Travelling from place of duty to place of duty. Uniform should be worn irrespective of the method of travel e.g. public or private transport or on foot.
    b. Travelling to and from residence to place of duty and visits to civilian amenities e.g. bank, garage, shopping, coffee shops. Uniform may be worn irrespective of the method of travel e.g. public or private transport or on foot.
    c. When authorised by the OC Wg / Wg Ex O / Sqn Ldr CCF HQAC attending events e.g. civil or Service wedding, graduation ceremonies

to put weight behind JoeBloggs’s comment see para 0111 but is summarised as “when on duty”

  1. Occasions on which uniform should generally be worn:
    a. On duty within the RAFAC unit.
    b. On duty outside the RAFAC unit e.g. RAFAC and formal military/cadet events and working parties.
    c. Representing the RAFAC e.g. during visits to affiliates e.g. RAFA, Girls Venture Corps, Scouts etc.
    d. At events sponsored by Service-related organizations e.g. SSAFA Big Brew and RAFA Wings Collection.
    e. Participating in military parades e.g. Battle of Britain, Remembrance Day, Freedom Parades, and Military/State Funerals.
    f. Participating in Royal events e.g. Royal Garden Parties, Reviews, Parades, Investitures, visits and ceremonial parades for foreign Royalty or Head of State.
    g. On specific occasions designated by the OC Wg / Wg Ex O / Sqn Ldr CCF HQAC.

If not “on duty” get permission from your OC

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You can wear uniform only when authorised.
Outside of normal duties that requires permission from above. It does happen. I’ve had requests from families for a cadet to wear it for family funerals; for weddings, and also for an organised school-wide ‘uniform day’. All were granted.

I’m not sure I’d recommend that a lone cadet wear it to school even if it were to be authorised - if only for knowing what school is like for bullies being bullies.


It sounded like the question was more about this year’s rememberance parades and the multi u turns in info.

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Pretty much, I’ve just had so many different answers on it, but all of these have cleared it up! Thanks, Guys.


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