The U2 flight by James May - in case you've missed/lost it

[video width=425 height=344 type=youtube]1PmYItnlY5M[/video]

This can be watched over and over again, it’s so good…


ps now placed in The Mess, instead of Introductions… :oops:

That’s a brilliant video, Wilf.

Do you know what programme it’s from?


Part of the same series commemorating Apollo as ‘James May on the Moon’. He has an endearing natural style (as do all the Top Gear team). I might have had a similar initial phobia about the suit helmets, as he so honestly displays.

(incidently- note that USAF-issue pressure suits are yellow, NASA ones are orange…I always thought Gary Powers was captured in a white space suit, so perhaps CIA ones are that colour?)