The Safe Handling Rules

Hopefully I’m being blind, but I can’t find a “proper” reference for “The Safe Handling Rules”.

I’m thinking of the set that includes “never point a rifle at anyone, even in jest”, and “the muzzle of the rifle must never be rested against any part of the body”, etc (there’s 8, from memory).

There’s an old copy of AC71847 floating on SharePoint that references ACP18 Volume 2 Chapter 2 (Chapter 2 doesn’t exist), and Cadet Training Manual Volume 1 Chapter 4 Section C (which doesn’t exist on SharePoint).

The best I can find is a PowerPoint dated 2015 which includes 7 rules, but not in the wording I remember :confused:

Shooting portal - under ‘Learn’.

Something like learn the safe handling rules.

It’s a swanky course thingy now, not just a PPT slide.

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Ahhh. That’s the one.

So there isn’t a document where I can see them all in one go, just a SCORM package that makes me wait for 10 seconds each time!?

That’s 60 seconds of my life I’m not getting back :roll_eyes:

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In fairness I found it worked reasonably well when using it to deliver to cadets recently.

One of my old niggles was the way that some people would interpret that first rule: “never point a rifle at anyone in jest”.

Making it “even in jest” implies “Never point a rifle at anyone… Even if you think it’s funny”.
The proper meaning should be “Never point at rifle at anyone as a joke”.

Sometimes they’d completely change it… I’ve heard “Never point a rifle at anyone, under any circumstances”, which is simply not true. What if you’re on an ex and are aiming in the direction of the enemy, for a start?

It used to lead to all sorts of weird movements when trying to turn the rifle around in lesson 1 to show them the other side… Anything to avoid the muzzle pointing in the direction of people.
Hells bells! The rifle is not loaded and has no magazine fitted - You’ve checked…
Is it safe? Yes.
Are you pointing it at them “in jest”? No? Then carry on and just turn the damned rifle around.


They used to be listed in a JSP (the CTSP before it split between the Cadet Forces), but no longer exists. It has been noticed and added into the upcoming release of ACP 18 Vol 1.