The new AP1358C


Hello all. I was wondering if there is anyway way I could gain access to the new AP1358C, As I do not have access to badder and have been looking everywhere for it for quite a while.
Thanks, Declan McKenzie


Ask your Sqn staff who do have access to Bader.


@Declan Are you a cadet or Staff?

If you a cadet as Bob2 says speak with your staff and they will be able to assist, depending on your age/rank etc they may be able to give you access to Bader, my Staff Cadets all have access.

if you staff, then you should 100% have access, if not a role account, then the general account.


Their profile says they are a Cpl, and lists their squadron.

On that point, he may wish to anonymise the account somewhat, for personal security reasons.