The mess

How about a place to share your favourite recipes?
I’ll start.

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ngl I saw the thread name ‘The mess’ and thought this was going to be a thread discussing something else :rofl:

ngl, I’d need to be convinced by that…

I’ve tried a few variations of this recipe from different people, but this one remains a fave… just ignore the fact it’s Slimming World and add more cheese than they would recommend!

What in holy hell is that…

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:laughing: I must confess, I haven’t tried it yet, but very tempted to. . .

I think my favourite recipe at the moment is Rajma from Dishoom (cookbook - can’t find it online). An epic kidney bean curry with homemade chapattis. I could eat it by the bucketload.

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I’ve asked the chef… Sorry the girlfriend to make me this

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Looks nice!

Love Dishoom! Went there when in London for work. It is one of few places where I didn’t feel weird eating alone. My mum regularly taunts me that she is making a meal from their book but on the plus side she has promised to cook us some when we can finally visit.

We do their kejriwal fairly regularly

Also can recommend the cookbook Ban if you like Thai food.

Additionally, want to share my love for the stores Wing Yip and The Grape Tree.

That’s the badger!

It’s on my list to see if I can recreate it successfully on a Trangia when I get my hands on one that a unit no-longer needs… I will not eat poorly on expeditions :smiley:

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I’ll have to try that too!