The Goose is Loose!

The first official photo’s of the RAF’s first Rivet Joint ZZ664 have been released


What is it?

Edit: Never mind - googling ‘Rivet Joint’ was more helpful than I expected.

Lamest. Aircraft. Ever.


1960s retro!

Shame its been photoshop’d. Not the real thing…

it is the real one, yes the engine blanks appear to be an addition, but it is the right aircraft :slight_smile:

They’re not added - just changed.

If you look at the puddles, you can see the reflections of the USAF blanks.

yea, that’s what I meant. I’ve just seen the originals at work, the one above is the public release shot.

I can’t actually see your red goose anywhere on the aircraft! :frowning:
Hopefully some roundels and fin flashes will go on soon?

I do see the City of Lincoln coat of arms below the flight deck windows is that ‘real’ (hope so)?

And the ‘ROYAL AIR FORCE’ looks like it’s in the ‘U.S. AIR FORCE’ font. At least on the C-17, it’s a more neutral font, neither corporate RAF or USAF.

The goose is on the tail, about half way up, it’s not the clearest on this pic. The roundel is also there on the aft quarter, again not too clear on the pic, I’ll see if there is a better quality one somewhere :slight_smile:

better here:

A basic ELA on the main picture appears to confirm that the roundels on the engine intakes are added-in (click on the link below, it’s not letting me embed the the image directly)


Something odd about the highlit area forward of the nosewheel, and also the port over-wing door: may just have been tidied-up via Photoshop. Good point re the letter-style being USAF: DJR, did you say that there is actually a fuselage roundel lurking there?


ps I’ve got to confess my ignorance / curiousity regarding the ‘Red Goose’…what’s the relevance to the type/squadron? I should know, but I don’t. It’s ‘the Red Goose’ from RAFU Goose Bay, now CFB Goose Bay, 5 Wing, a place I know well.

Tingijub Akkarvinga

Hi Wilf, all,

the highlighting around the hatches seems to be from the ‘emergency’ paint, the forward one is the crew entry chute.

as for the Red Goose:

51 Squadron

Hope that helps, but believe me - it’s a real picture of the actual airframe :mrgreen:


And there she goes!


We’re getting used to it. Slowly :wink: