Tg 21 & 23


Hi there,
I’ve recently been selected for a selection weekend and on the JIs it says that I need TG 21 (v6) and TG 23 (v4), and my OC has given me v5 and v3. Has anyone got a pdf version of v6 and v4? If so can I have a copy please?
Thank you in advance,


Can you get in touch with your OC?

They will/ should sort it out

What is it you are doing that you require the form?


If it’s just that I need to ask my OC, I’ll just do that. Thanks for your help. :blush:


They can print it off in a press of a few buttons.

Since the JIs are so specific and you are on a selection course (I am thinking NCO) it maybe that they want you to see that they are wrong and be willing to ask for the lastest ones.


It’s a Band selection weekend, as my SNCO course isn’t till this November. But thanks for the tips.


Trying again…

I was going to say the current versions are on the Bader main page (right hand side under common resources) If you have a login that is great but if you don’t you will need a member of staff. I would suggest always using the current version as it will be up to date.


I can’t believe we’re on V6 and V4 of two forms. Someone at HQAC needs to get a real job, rather than changing forms for the sake of it.
Maybe I need to have a look and see which font size or spacing change was so necessary.


That is just v6/v4 of the forms since they decided to change the version numbering scheme. I think we were 8 variants into TG21 before that.


One does have to wonder what changes that much to require so many forms. I can imagine some important changes around GDPR, but not much else that would actually matter.

And don’t forget that it was an ACF13 before that, and then CC1…


I don’t think ACF13 changed very much from my cadet days and it did the job, until someone somewhere discovered MS Office and used it badly.