Terrorism threat level change

skipped under the radar on the news (i have seen at least) the threat level was reduced yesterday from “Severe” to “Substantial”


MI5 threat level webpage

Although no one is saying we should no longer be vigilant, does this have any real impact on how we behave??

i mean this “we” as both the public and as members of the RAFAC.

The public should remain vigilant, fine I am happy with that i can’t imagine a time when we can happily ignore abandoned bags on a platform etc

as members of the RAFAC? - well i wear uniform to/from Squadron and events, I do not “cover up” so not sure how I can be “louder” in showing my uniform.
I know some Units ban Cadets and Staff from wearing uniform as an outer layer (ie required to wear a civilian jacket over uniform to/from duty) which is down to local conditions rather than that of the threat level.
does this mean we don’t need to submit PMEs anymore?

my real question: is this a change in name only?

Most Definately a name change or a politically
Motivated change.

The actually mechanics probably won’t change. Although there was rumours that even at top threat level, we dont have the resources and man power to man it.

So there’s probably an element of that in it aswell.

Technically, we are in Purdah at the moment!


No, it’s calculated by the Security Service and is based upon the threats as they see it.

As far as the Public are concerned nothing really changes within their view (same for RAFAC) since as a Nation we have been at these higher levels for so long that it’s Business as Usual.

It’s only when things go upto critical that you will notice any difference and that the sort of thing that would be well publicised. (Look at 2017 when Op Temperer kicked in twice ).


I thought that didn’t kick in until Wednesday midnight?

Something I read in the news said officially parliament doesn’t start the election stuff until then

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Hmmm, perhaps not. I only ever heard of it for the 2017 general election and don’t remember it being made a big deal of at other times.

I read it starts from when parliament dissolves. I thought that had already happened but it does seem to be planned for tomorrow. I’ve been pretty much out of touch for the last 4 days :slight_smile:

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i appreciate that - but what you say in the rest of your post indicates it is a change in name only for the majority. behavior of the general public and those wearing a uniform shouldn’t need to change

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Not until 0001 tomorrow. And technically it’s “pre-election period”. Purdah carries too many sexist and imperialistic connotations.

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Seriously you have lost me on this one

Anyhow… perhaps the terrorism level will change tomorrow once we realise that we have been over hyping the situation and Some of the people we believed were suicide bombers were just miss understood…


The whole system is mainly for the use of public bodies not individuals anyway. Telling you there is a threat but without guidance is a pointless warning.

Unless you are being given specific terrorism related advice, which you don’t appear to be the change isn’t going to affect you. If however you are in an area with a cover up policy for example, things might change, if someone in the Chain of Command has the balls to change things. (And if the cover up policy was related to the threat level in the first place.)

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and as the RAFAC in the past I have “covered up” with a civilian jacket, and avoid unnecessary public appearances in uniform (specifically when travelling to/from duty). Most notably after 9/11 New York and 7/11 London.

so i wonder, how does the RAFAC react to a reduced level beyond what is already a “business as usual” state?

Edit: opps, yes well pointed out Oldnewbie, should be 7/7 in London, not thinking when i was typing clearly!

I assume it’s delegated to RAF Pol

7/7, no?


Does this make any difference, nah.
Does anyone in the general population really care, nah.
Will anyone notice anything different, nah.

if something happens it’ll happen and there is sod all we as Joe Public can do about it. Any attack will be invariably be random affecting people going about their day to day, not targeted in any way, such is the nature of terrorism.

There was a letter from the Cabinet Secretary saying much the same thing and we were to use the more modern term (pre-election period) instead.

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Shame we focus on preventing the use of the term rather than the practice itself!


had never heard this, interesting where the term comes from.

Like incubus says, shame we concentrate on the wrong part…


A change of threat level from Severe to Substantial doesn’t change the response level, which remains at Heightened. Ergo, no change to our usual processes.

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Oooh!!! I feel another IBN brewing…

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