Teams Chat Function

Does anyone know how to activate the chat function on Teams so that cadets can use during a VPN?

I’ve attempted various searches on Google but it just directs me to the Microsoft Teams Admin Centre.

It seems that anyone using the Teams link to access a meeting can’t use the chat feature unless on a rafac account.

We’ve never had that issue, all of our cadets can access it. Try making sure they’re not logged into another microsoft account (eg a school account)

Definitely not the case, none of our cadets have a RAFAC account but all happily user the chat. Maybe something in the settings?

I wonder it it’s something in my meeting set up then :thinking:

I think I remember seeing something about changing who can post in the chat, so very possibly.

Are you creating the meeting from inside a channel - make sure the channel option is blank, otherwise chat is restricted to only those who are members of the channel


I use Teams every day for work and I didn’t know this!

That’s it!

Chat function working now if I leave channel blank.

Thanks @sparky_marky


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