I have recently completed and obtained my afa (silver activity first aid) badge and my bronze leadership. I now have afa, bronze leadership, gold drumming and bronze cyber and a few others but they aren’t important. I was told that now I have afa I can now teach heart start but I found out that I also need a MOI (method of instruction) to teach heart start. I was also told I need silver cyber to teach bronze cyber and now im bronze leadership qualified I can mark foundation blue. Is this true or do I need a MOI for everything to able to teach cadets. My rank is also cadet.
I would greatly appreciate anyone who reply’s to question.

With AFA alone you cant teach anything
With AFA and MOI you can teach YFA and not HS
With AFA, MOI and HS Instructors Course you can teach HS
Blue leadership- No quals needed to teach or assess, it’s down to the OC. However I would expect a minimum of Bronze leadership.

Cyber and that radio malarkey…not a clue last I heard it was all changing

Or there abouts

To teach Bronze Cyber, cadets need to have attended the bronze cyber instructors course, have GOLD cyber themselves and completed the MOI course.

Other than that, what Alex said!

Wing First Aid Officer approval is needed to teach, though.

Oh yeah and that

Thank you for the help and replying.