Teaching Drill

As the CCF do not have SNCO’s (apart from TEST which are very stretched) why not let former SNCO DI’s give “guidance” to cadets? After all the knowledge is still there, its the rank that stops the Qual…

I don’t know CCF - what do you mean by this and who are these people now?

In practice, anyone with the knowledge and skill is able to teach drill if required…

CCF RAF Section, former ATC SNCO’s that were qualified DI’s now become officers in the CCF - 3 I know of inc me…I agree the teach drill bit btw

As long as the person actually knows (and can demonstrate) the correct, current drill and has a basic ability to transfer that skill to others, I see no reason to prevent them from teaching the subject.

You don’t need to be a qualified DI to teach drill. It helps sometimes (as the person is more likely to be experienced and able to check what the manual says), but in my experience it is far from guaranteed.

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There is no written rule that only DIs can teach drill. Anyone can! DIs are meant to be the SME for Drill and Ceremonial who is avaliable to consult and inform, that is all

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That will bruise their egos.

All those that I know have a passion for the subject and want to see (and help) as many people involved and doing drill correctly to a good standard as possible.

They actively encourage staff to get involved and will give help where needed.

It’s a specialist subject, not an empire.

My wing are very proactive at also training the cadet NCOs at teaching it correctly also

Mine too. It’s a toy of joy for every girl and boy!

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You do realise that it was a DI who wrote that, right?


Is this like some sort of Teflon Turing Test?