Tax avoidance

Isn’t it everyone’s mission to pay as little tax as possible?
There doesn’t seem to be a week go by when some politician (mainly socialist ones) starts banging on about people not paying tax and more so in the last couple as we start the run up to the election.

I work with people who get childcare vouchers where the money is taken from their gross pay and they pay tax on the gross less their voucher money and I and others pay into pension plans that are done in a similar way. No one seems to worry about that, but I bet it adds up to a tidy sum.
People I know who are self-employed and accountants who essentially tell them how to pay less tax. One of my mates reckons it’s the best few hundred quid he spends each year.
I wonder if politicians are prepared to stop these tax avoidance schemes, or is it just those involved in ‘big business’ they don’t like?
TBH if I was running a business or earning / had a fortune I would look to paying as little as possible, I don’t and I look to find ways of reducing my tax bill.

I tend to agree - no one’s ever going to pay more than they absolutely need to.

The problem is that the richer a person or organisation, the easier it is to find (and afford) a way around. The blame for that lies squarely at the government’s door - if the tax system was simpler, there’d be fewer loopholes.