"Tate & Lyles" for Cadet Warrant Officers?

Forgetting the current climate regarding WO (RAFAC)'s recieving Tate and Lyles, what would your opinions be upon the subject of CWOs also receiving Tate and Lyles - The Army Cadets have Cadet RSM’s with T&Ls, so what would your opinions be upon the Corps updating the CWO rank insigina?

(Please don’t bring up how regulars wouldn’t be pleased or cost and supply issues, would prefer that it isn’t discussed)

I don’t see why we would to be honest. There would be a substantial cost involved (both rank slides and No 1 rank badges for some people) for very little “reward”. The current ones have always been used (as far as I know) and they’re quite good looking imo.

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As a CWO myself in a CCF (where we do have Army cadets in T&L) I don’t have any issue with the insignia (I rather like it), but I suppose an argument can be made that making the CWO rank insignia identical with the WO1 insignia will reduce confusion within CCFs, especially between sections (there was some self-important cadet WO1 who thought I was an RAF WO2!)

Sounds like your self important colleague just needed putting right…

What we have looks perfectly fine and is fit for purpose for CWO’s.

Likely would be a waste of time and effort tinkering with it as if we bin off over 18 cadets in the future no-one will have time to reach the rank of CWO anyway!



far more important things Cadets would rather see changed than the <5% of CWOs out there who would be affected


That’s an argument for the better teaching of cadet ranks in joint establishments, not changing the rank insignia.


The idea sounds like change for the sake of change, it would introduce a period of transition with 2 ranks worn, that would likely last in excess of 2 years until current stocks are exhausted.

Until recently we had a CWO in our wing wearing Instructor Cadet tapes!

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Just a pointless change.
Not necessary.
Adds nothing.
Costs money.

Leave as it is.

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Keep to the thread, we’re talking about CWO’s here not VRT to RAFAC…

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Huh? No one that I can see has mentioned anything but CWOs?


Erm what now?

But I see a cunning reference to the same wastage.

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Remind you of anything?
(I was being facetious but maybe the comment missed the mark!)

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Oh. Sorry. Need more coffee!

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Tidied up and re-opened.

But mindful that this discussion has probably run its course…

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I wouldn’t be opposed to it, it would make sense to have everyone wearing the correct rank insignia for the rank and it would be in keeping with the ACF/CCF (Army).

I would just wonder how many sets of the old CWO slides we have in stock, maybe set a level of we won’t order anymore and when we get down to X number of the old sets we will order the new ones and make the change with no ore-announcement until we have ordered the new insignia.

If I were pressed for an answer I’d reckon that by following that - very sensible - approach, we’d be on for a change of insignia around 2047.

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Depends if you count the ones in OC’s draws or just the ones in central stocks.

I agree with @Paracetamol. Waste of time. When the organisation is not what it should be, it would be a distraction that a lot of over paid types would get far too excited about, with much trumpeting as they did it, when they should be getting other things done, such as getting cadets into real aeroplanes and not trying to big up and make ‘simulated flight’ something it never has been and never will be within the ATC.

If things go down the route of stopping cadet service at 18, there’d be no more CWO.