Target Sprint

Target Sprint:

Who has heard of it?

Who has investigated it?

British Shooting Target Sprint

Is anyone going to the workshop?

NSRA Target Sprint Workshop

Has anyone participated?


Not yet, but I’ve just entered a competition for 1st July this year. Youtube videos do make it look good.

If not already done, it would be great to get cadets into this.

Good for you Taff, it’s good to see someone is looking ahead. It’s the first ISSF Target Sprint World Championships today at Suhl and the GB Juniors have done pretty well so far. Two qualifiers in the Junior Men and 3 in the Junior Women’s event.

The Scouts seem to be leading the way in this, perhaps it’s insufficiently “warry” for the cadet forces.


Likely to come to RAFAC for 2018, probably at Bisley.

I think that the broadly held view in the civilian world is that Target Sprint is more likely to appeal to the athletically inclined than those already involved in target shooting. I know that in clubs supporting the event it is not anticipated that it will generate any significant increase in entrants to the established disciplines. I would be more inclined to take Target Sprint to the venues where the runners are found rather than try entice them to the “backsides and boot soles” environment of Bisley


Maybe, maybe not. Not sure when the event will be planned for, or if it will “independent” or concurrent with other RAFAC activities.

I don’t think it will a mega-sprint, perhaps 400m, shoot 5 (air rifle) knock down targets, repeat sprint / shoot.

3x400m is the normal course for youth events. The targets are biathlon type with the aperture size adjusted to cater for the competitors’ level.

My personal view is that it would be best promoted as an independent event and kept away from the shooting establishment (as far as the cadet forces go). The stunning success of the No8 replacement project is a good indicator.


All for it, either as a separate shooting event, or, linked to shooting / sports activity - I’m sure that Pirbright could provide sporting venue(s) if needed. :wink: