Tailoring of Wedgewood Blue Shirts

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As you probably know, the wedge wood blue shirt is not the best of fit.

Does anyone know if shirts can be tailored to fit correctly rather than looking like a baggy mess?

Yeah, just get a tailor to take the sides in!

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That’s really just as much a fashion thing as beards.

Until the last 10 years or so, the ‘normal’ shirt fit was pretty baggy. Indeed some of the online shirt sellers (Tyrwhitt I think) still refers to this as the ‘traditional Jermyn Street’ cut.

Slim fit then became fashionable, and now even Extra Slim. So, the RAF shirts look baggy. Indeed my cadets often claim they have the wrong size until I point out their collar fits.

Of course, you can have your shirts tailored to a different fit if you want. But be aware this isn’t because they are ‘faulty’.

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PS this has nothing to do with the fact that I’m not Extra Slim.


All of my shirts are extra slim…

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On my wedgewoods the collar is fine and so is the rest of it - maybe correct proportions are to have a beer belly? :roll_eyes:


In 28 years of RAF service, I can honestly say that this is the first time I’ve even HEARD someone suggest that wedgewood shirts should be tailored.

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No reason not too.
They are roomy by design to accommodate more people of the same neck size.

For general working dress I’d say that unless you are notably slim for your neck size it’s probably not worth worrying about.

If you did want a more fitted shirt for drilly stuff for example then it certainly possible to take in at the sides seams as well as adding darts in the back.

I agree. Get to stores, sign yourself out a chest and crack on…

I wear a fitted shirt under my 1s, it always seemed silly that the shirt is wider than the jacket that covers it. This way it doesn’t get as horribly creased.

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I have a chest, thank you, it’s the gut I don’t have which seems to be what is required to make the shirt fit correctly!


See, no good will come of all that dieting you did. Buying new No 1 and No 5 uniform. No 2 uniform that no longer fits.

Should have stuck to the pringles :roll_eyes:


Yes, I’ve adjusted a couple of mine, easy enough job if you/yours own a sewing machine.

  1. turn inside out and lay it flat with the front panels on top of the back.
  2. use pins to create a long, triangular dart, starting from the each armpit and finishing X inches in from the edge at the hem. This will remove 4X inches from the waist measurement.
  3. turn the right way and try it on.
  4. repeat steps 1 to 3 because you took in far too much the first time round.
  5. when happy with the fit, turn inside out and sew along the line of pins, removing them as you go.
  6. turn the right way and iron.
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