Tag Rugby at Squadron Level


Evening All,

Normally I would look this up on sharepoint, but haven’t been able to get into the system for the past two weeks even following numerous password resets and escalations to the wing Bader POC!

I’m looking to find the rules or tag rugby at a squadron level.

Is it something that can be run or is there red tape saying that only a qualified individual may run the activity?

If anyone can tell me which document I can find it in, once I can login to sharepoint I’ll have a nose, or if you know the answer, do share below!

Many thanks


Tag rugby would I think come under non-contact sports, so could be run by any competent CFAV (cadets can only run sports/PT if qualified though)


But we thought the same thing about crab football… sigh.

Have a look at ACP 300 - it’s got a list of indemnified activities in there. Then interpret what’s there (I would also have listed it in the non-contact sport box), risk assess, then crack on accordingly.


What qualification?


I believe its the community sports leader award…but stand to be corrected


Thats the one that comes to mind and is generally the accepted standard. But over the years i have seen numerous equivalent qualifications that colleges and schools are pushing out.


Correct - the ACPEDTI quotes the CSLA or HSLA, although I’d imagine that if you think a cadet has an equivalent then check with the PEd staff at HQAC.


ACP 300 is the finance manual? Without reading each section, I was unable to see anything about sports besides which sport events staff can claim pay for?




I have noticed that “Risk assessments - writing” is not covered, what if I injure myself?


By doing what, impaling your hand and securing it to the desk with a pen?


Well I don’t know how I might be injured, do I?

I’ve not done the RA yet.


anyone know how often this is held , where and at what level? (i.e. wing, region etc)


Not entirley sure its run within the corps, ive never known it to be. Some colleges and sixth forms offer it