T shirt on sale


That’s just a link to a Facebook Group :roll_eyes:

Indeed, tried screen grabbing it and failed.

There we go, now that would have some peole going into meltdown

Meant to be this? https://www.facebook.com/withoutfearmaxx/photos/p.119162096101199/119162096101199/?type=3&theater

The link by the photo goes to one of those custom t shirt production websites. They also have this one: https://maxxingtee.net/product/ddc-np0026/

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This is a picture of so much nope


I’ve seen a few different ads form that supplier and it seems they just make stuff up. Ignore it.

There’s a lot of companies - t shirt and printing companies especially - that have targeted ads using captured data to create images.

That’s why they’re always poorly superimposed logos and text.

The right-hand T shirt design look a d@mn sight better than some of the “approved” designs! :wink: