Hello all. I am looking for a nice document or list that shows me what subjects are in the ATC syllabus, core and optional. Can anyone help me with this? Bear in mind I am an ACF instructor so don’t have access to the online resources that you do so please don’t ask me to look there! :smiley:


Do you mean just the classroom subjects or do you mean the PTS stuff as well?


Well, what would be handy is a list of things that all cadet have to do in order to progress through the various levels of cadet, and a list of things that are optional. I don’t know your terminology for such things.


We do - there’s a very rough chart in the Training Officer ACTI… but Bodger is being Bodged again, so I can’t get to it!!!


Junior Cadet -> Master Air Cadet is the ‘mandatory’ stuff, everything else is optional.


^ that’s the Badger!!!


All this talk of bodger and badger has got me craving mashed potatoes… :drooling_face:



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