Swynnerton camp

Should I take a suitcase or a duffel bag?

What sort of camp are you doing there? But the accommodation can accommodate suitcases and they’re easier to live out of.

If it’s for a Wing camp happening there in August, either will be fine.
Just take a smaller day sack to carry things around with you in the day, Water, jacket etc.

If it’s for the camp tomorrow, either is fine. Lots take suitcases.

It’s for the week long camp that starts tomorrow there is accommodation but I’ve never been before so I don’t know what to expect

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Suitcase is fine :smiling_face:

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Ok thank you

Everywhere you need to take it, a wheeled suitcase can go and you’ll be grateful for not carrying it.

Most areas are ramped and depending on where you’re accommodated there might only be a few steps.

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Out of interest, is this Staffordshire Wing?

No it’s south and East Midlands wing

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