Switching Cadet Corps

Good evening all,

With no sour feelings I am considering switching corps, possible Marine Cadets. Currently I am a Corporal and was just wondering if I was to transfer to RMC, would I still hold my rank or would I be starting rock bottom again?

There is no transfer process, just join the new one and quit the old one. You can be in both at once.

Don’t expect any rank or qualifications to transfer across.

With perhaps the exception of YFA/AFA as those are technically external qualifications

Yeah Yeah. DofE may map across too, and a valid WHT should transfer as well unless the receiving unit is being snotty about it.

But as I said, don’t “expect” things to be transferrable. They might be, but they might not.

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Drill moves & commands are slightly different also.
Rember, they’re not army, they’re NAVY :wink:

More than slightly!

You would not have completed the training required to hold the rank in the RMC so your rank would not transfer.