Suspension letter

What is a suspension letter supposed to look like?
This is because mine does not seem to match the template in acp 20.

Although there is a sample letter in ACP 20, it can look like anything. This looks pretty standard though. The only thing that’s odd is that there’s no mention of an AO. I’d chase and get yourself an AO as soon as possible. And make sure its someone you know to be competent!

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I’ve removed the image of the letter due the nature of its content, especially a potentially identifiable piece of information that someone with prior knowledge of you could recognise.

The letter states the individuals you are allowed to speak to regarding your situation, that someone else will be notified to you soon who will speak with you, and that you shouldn’t discuss the details with anyone.

I realise this is a difficult situation and you may be anxious, but encourage caution in ensuring you follow its instructions, to not potentially introduce further cause for questions from those involved.