Suspended Whilst Investigation takes place regs

Please can I ask if anyone can give me the rules/regs of an officer whilst suspended?
Are they allowed to attend squadron in civvies still? Are they allowed to keep in contact with the squadron staff and cadets? TIA

Short answer - no they are not. Whilst on suspension they are not to attend any RAFAC activities / premises.

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Pretty sure they are not to have any contact either, certainly not with the cadets.

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I have a sneaking suspicion that the subtext here is that an officer has been suspended and is still attending the squadron in civies and contacting the cadets…

In which case it might be wise to limit future conversion on the actual matter and stick to hypotheticals, whilst the OP can raise any valid concerns with the Squadron’s Sector commander or Wing Pers/ExO.


Ah yes, having seen the user name I would agree with you

Thank you for your advice. It is appreciated.
User names can be deceiving :wink:

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typical suspension letter format from the RAFAC:

You are not to attend squadron or any other RAFAC premises, nor take part in any air cadet activities of any sort until further notice. Further, you are not to discuss this matter, or any other RAFAC business, with any member of the RAFAC other than your AO or WgExO. However, you may contact your Squadron padre who is available to offer confidential and impartial advice as well as welfare support if required.

So no they should not be at the squadron, unless invited by the AO or WEXO.

As for contact with cadets, thats setting off alarm bells, unless you mean whilst down at the squadron whilst under suspension and not by say social media/phone.

As per the template above, there is nothing to stop them speaking to other staff members, but not about the investigation or RAFAC buisness. Most people suspended though normally get a wide berth by other staff members, but it really does depend on the situation.


I was about to post this too as I eventually found something using the search box. Suspension means nowt to do with cadets and certainly not allowed on cadet grounds ie: squadron or any activities. Zero contact with cadets and depending on the situation probably no contact with staff…who probably wouldn’t want to be in communication with the suspended officer anyway.

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I’ve locked this as the answer has been provided and as I’m guessing it’s relating to something real, I don’t want to prejudice anything.