Survey results

As i’ve whined about elsewhere, CFAV isn’t really defined. But yes, in reality they are.

Back to the survey results then :wink:

What else was of interest?

The use of the author’s postnominals…grabs popcorn


I disagree, for me it shows they are a qualified professional. Why not show it off. I know lots of CFAVs who list their post nominals on their emails.

From the Valuing our volunteers page, it seems RAFAC placed importance on this as from my reading they didn’t want a survey doing by anyone but a Psychologist , the career area that also do the tri-service regular/reserve attitude survey. Good they want a professional rather than some of the awful RAFAC surveys I’ve seen!


A lot wasn’t a surprise to be honest.

I think the relationship with others bit was interesting. Particularly the bit around favouritism and cliques.

I also found it fascinating that Scot&NI are doing better in some of the areas in relation to wing/region staff and being known and relationships etc

You’d think as they have a bigger geographical reason they be worse. My region staff are never to be seen. Wing staff only come to Sqn for inspections too which is a shame as it would be nice for them to check in every now and again

I think the comment was in relation to everything in this thread starting from this post: Email Signatures

I agree though, in a professional report it is acceptable to put post-nominals

Ah, not seen that thread. Interesting to flick through thanks for sharing.

I do find it interesting about what to include. It’s a balance. I personally don’t have my degree post nominal because I don’t feel my degree is relevant or particularly impressive. But if I had say an MBA I might include it. It does depend on who I’m emailing though. I’ve seen some list everything which is a bit excessive. I guess for emails it depends how proud people are of their qualifications too!

However I’m incredibly nosy so actually take interest in seeing what people have as their qualifications. For me, when people have a degree in their Sig I want to know what their BA or whatever is in (but obviously would be weird to include).

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I don’t even know who my TEST Officer is at the moment, or if we even have one.

I agree the postnoms were appropriate in this report, was just trying to get a few good natured bites.

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Ha ok it’s been a long week :joy:

What did you actually find interesting?

ACF chaplains are commissioned. Someone I know is a chaplain, and commissioned as a Captain.

Though is it an actual commission or an honorary rank?

If it is a commission then I guess they would be eligible.

Couldn’t tell you, although he did wear uniform. He also saluted me at remembrance once - I was a FS at the time

What was to you?

Hm I would say could plead ignorance about RAF ranks but a FSgt rank slide isn’t much different from a colour/staff Sgt! Unless you weren’t in uniform and they were just hedging their bets that you were at least a Sqn Ldr so to be saluted!

Edit. Out of curiosity in the regs don’t chaplains automatically go in as Flt Lts like Drs.? I didn’t realise padres in RAFAC had honourary ranks. Although a Sqn Ldr (I think I read this right) for a Sqn padre seems a bit steep?

As a sqn Padre, he should have known! I was in No1s.

Padres in the RAFAC don’t have honorary ranks as far as I know, although I have never met one higher than Wg so perhaps some do.

you’d have a field day with the 15 academic post-nominal characters I can put after my name (but use none of them in RAFAC email signatures)

When the commission changed form RAF VR to CFAV commissions I know a few people who left. I hear a lot Of people talking about medals
And clasps.

I have heard that new officers at some point will not be getting No1 dress. For me I as an SNCO does a medal fuss me. Nope. Do I own No 1s nope. I don’t see the need to wear them. I’m not in the RAF. I get issued a shirt tie and jumper, if it rains I wear a gel tex. it bothers a lot of people that I don’t have a set of No 1s. I think a lot of people take it a bit to serious and see themselves as members of the RAF.

As for CIs. I was one for a few years. I decided to go into uniform because I wanted to. Nothing has changed from when I was a CI. Except it takes me
Longer to get ready.

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Which area are you in?

Not wishing to be pedantic (although it probably appears that I’m being so!) but the RAFVR was a separate Air Force of the Crown to the RAF. A space between ‘RAF’ and ‘VR’ would indicate to some that that it would be a Volunteer Reserve Branch of the RAF., which it isn’t.

Re: No.1 uniform, as you know there are occasions when officers have to wear it. I attended a presentation ceremony several years ago and went up to receive my certificate in No.2’s. Thereafter followed a rather loud debrief by the RC and I only made his apoplexy worse when I told him I’d given my No.1’s away (to another officer) as soon as I’d received them.

I still haven’t got another set.


I hope that can wait until after I do OiC at the end of this year and get mine. I thought it was a bit odd that at initial kitting you get the gloves, but there you go.

Each to their own! I quite like how they look and was looking forward to owning a set.