Surfing during camp


I’ve been told that we will be doing surfing during our annual camp but I cannot swim. Will I be able to take part in the actibity? What do you suggest I do?


the simple answer is no,
you cant put someone into the water who cannot swim when there is a 99.99% chance they will fall in.

That said, I have never heard before of cadets going surfing at camp (i may be wrong) however they have done grass surfing which is using a surfboard on wheels, maybe that is what they will be doing.


I seem to recall reading in another thread that they’re off to St Mawgan, which being only a few miles from the surfing capital of the UK might suggest that there will be actual surfing on this camp.
I’m a bit disappointed now to be going to Cambridgeshire instead this year.


My first thought was St Mawgan too. ACLO must’ve cut a deal with a surf school - otherwise that weeks budget is going to get blown very quickly!!

RAF Welford?? Wow. Things are very desperate!!

Re Swimming; if you’re a non-swimmer you’re a non swimmer. The only way to fix this is to learn to swim and pass your cadet forces swimming test. Without that - or the new cadet forces water safety test (which may or may not apply to surfing)) - you won’t be able to do some water based activities.

However, this is nothing to be anxious about. There are more and more non- swimmers coming through, so its not uncommon.


Cambridgeshire… My apologies. I don’t know why I typed Berkshire.
But it’s all the same North of the M4 and South of Newcastle anyway :wink:


Most of Berkshire is south of the M4!


Well… There you go then.
My UK geography does not take into account County borders.

Somebody asked me where Rutland was a while ago… Not a bloody clue. Despite apparently having driven through it on many occasions.


You’ll be going very close to it on your camp to Cambridgeshire this year!