Surely no one's wearing these?

I bought my Wedgewood slides from combat logos as they’re much better quality that the awful cadet direct ones and even have the RAF Air Cadets text on them, however I came across these.

Are these approved for anyone to wear? Seems a bit pathetic trying to hide the text that identifies the organisation you’re part of?

They are slides that match the colour of the GPJ. Who says they are for hiding the organisation we are part of?

I agree, the black text on dark blue is hard to read, but the specifications of the rank slider states black writing? And, no, I don’t own any!

Thanks for your reply, I realise I’ve not actually made my point clear on what I was on about :sweat_smile:

My point is that the slides say “RAFAC” and not “RAF Air Cadets”

It was to my understanding that we must ONLY wear rank slides with “RAF Air Cadets”

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I saw theses on an official Social Media post (can’t remember when) and thought mmmm. I think its pretty good and then keeps in line with the pins for 1’s & 5’s as it did in the VRT days.

I’m not a drill monkey, but I’m sure the dress regs show white/grey on the rank tabs for the GPJ slides… But I got mine from the approved supplier, and are written in black.

I’ve seen one person wearing MTP “RAFAC” rankslides.

Must say RAF Air Cadets not RAFAC and be silver/white. I know the images have both options but I believe this is being corrected in v4. Was certainly a discussion at the WWO conference.

The image is white lettering for GPJ, but I also purchased from the recommended supplier and they came in black writing. I think they were clearing the stock that had produced before the GPJ fabric type was actually approved.

I’ll get new ones with white writing once I get promoted.

Combat Logos did what ever people asked for, and some wanted RAFAC in the same way others had VRT embroided on slides when the policy was for pins.


Didn’t notice that in the pics…

Has anyone noticed / commented on your ‘incorrect’ ones? If not, why waste your money?

WWO has… so if I know they are around I wear jumper slides to avoid confrontation.

Not going to want to wear Plt Off slides in a GPJ when I’m a Fg Off

Do the Wedgwood ones match the shirt colour better? If so I’ll get Alan to send me a pair, though he can be rather slow…

(nearly mistyped ‘shirt’ there, naughty)

(PS sp ‘Wedgwood’ - no E)

Wedgwood, noted :face_with_monocle:.

And yes it’s the same shade of blue instead of that awful greyish looking colour.

My GPJ plt off slides are with black writing. I’ve never had anyone pick me up on it.

Cadet direct are stocking the new GPJ colour with white writing. I don’t know why they made the RAFAC ones with black writing when RAF Police and Regiment are in white anyway.

Those who wear jumper slides on a GPJ just look gash.

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Those are not GPJ slides, they are for use with the optional Wet Weather Jacket which is a different style of jacket to the FWJ.

They are the unofficial ones that cadet direct made before we were allowed them. They are still selling them to get rid of the surplus stock

Rip Off were making them before they were permitted and using black text.


Oh look, still listed!
WSL :joy:

They are the official WWJ slides (see above illustration which is from AP1358C). Cadet Direct have effectively advertised them incorrectly as being GPJ slides.

Officers should be wearing either the private purchase GPJ slides (with white writing), or if they have not purchased those the Jersey style slides (with black lettering), as per AP1358C