Supplier of kit WARNING - military ops ltd

I am not longer associated with 1563 Sqn , but I thought I should warn you .

I bought some MTP for my son for CCF from a company called Military Ops Ltd in Manchester.
I have found them a total nightmare.


Militaryops Reviews | Read Customer Service Reviews of

If you do want to deal with them, they have an ebay shop or pay by pay pal.

Currently 63% of 297 reviews are 1* BAD

My order was confirmed , a shipping confirmation with a fake tracking link. 10th Dec. I paid for 24 delivery

Emails ignored phone not answered

I cancelled the order late December, which was ignored

It was finally shipped early January by 48 hr service, I paid for 24 hour .

I had got a replacement from an excellent supplier, but now trying to return for a refund.

It has “disappeared” en route so I can hopefully claim from the courier.


I’d never heard of them before this post, but a quick Google, and it looks like there are a few companies associated with this one.

Let is know how you get on!

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I’ve had problems with them too.

Some interesting claims on their “about” page

We have quickly established ourselves as one of the leading military and outdoor suppliers in the UK

yet I and M_V_L haven’t heard of them…i know a sample of 2 is not significant but for the “leader” you’d expect more coverage.

We pride ourselves on our excellent customer service…You can be sure that any e-mail sent to us will be answered within 24 hours or less

yet the reviews on TP show otherwise…

(also GMG - “…within 24 hours or less…” the “or less” isn’t required when using “within”)

The courier doesn’t have a contract with you, only the supplier, so I doubt you would be able to claim through them. If you paid via paypal I would raise a case through them.

Yes from the website you would think you were dealing with a 5* company. It has been in business since 2012, how it stays in business amazes me!

I have reported them to Action Fraud and Trading Standards along with other people .The police refuse to pursue them, maybe trading standards will.

On Trust Pilot currently 64% of reviews are 1*. They have unclaimed their listing.
The best thing I can advise is to avoid them or at least use ebay or paypal.

I finally got the smock from, lovely lady called Helen.
They sent a faulty item out first time. Sent a picture , replacement sent same day, lovely example. Also very competitive
They are a true 5* business.


I returned something to them - they sent the wrong item - paid for the postage, never got a refund.

I’d rather have given it to the Squadron stores.

MilitaryOps Ltd and Titan-Tactical appear to share the same premises. The director of those companies also operates a company called MSO trading Ltd. A bit more digging, and it looks like the director and I have a friend in common.

Want me to ask my friend for more info?

Yes I would be most interested.

I am going to try and claim from the Courier. However the amount of time effort and grief these people have caused runs into hundreds of pounds.

I am planning to let every unit in the country Air Cadets, Army, Navy, Marines,CCF , D of E plus my military contacts so that before anyone buys from this company they read the reviews.

Out of interest, why didn’t you read the reviews first? Or did you?

Also please don’t email everyone telling us not to use them…


I was trying to get a smock for Christmas.
1st company great until they said they had run out of the size. I tried several others no luck. I think desperation .
Anyway the courier has found it and we will see if they can deliver it and I get a refund.

I’ve bought a couple of things off them and never had a problem

Based on the reviews on Trust Pilot just under 30% of orders seem to be ok. Had they shipped my item when they said they had on the 10th Dec not the 4th Jan , a lot of grief would have been avoided.

Do you like those odds?

I’m not sure what this is achieving so I’m locking it. If there is a particular need to reopen it PM a moderator.

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