Supernumerary cadet

I was talking to a cadet today and they asked whether it’s possible to be on 2 squadrons at once, I don’t know the answer. The reason we talked about it was because he goes to college on days that there is a squadron going on so it’s easier for him to go, however also is home for a parade night at his original squadron.

Any advice?

Not allowed.

however if both CO’s came to an agreement . . .

You can be a supernumary cadet - we have one due to boarding school.

During holidays they are with us and are registered as supernumary on Bader


Beat me to it on the supernumerary angle - both OCs would need to agree.

PI501 is to stop duplication of cadets/records.

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One of my cadet NCOs is supernumerary on a local squadron - he goes and helps them out once a week.

Agree it between both CO’s and job done. Be sensible in management of situation and it can be very beneficial for Squadrons and Cadet.

We had two supernumerary cadets with us whilst they were at uni, both have since transferred to us formally as it makes life much easier in terms of Cadet Portal and SMS.

It can be done. It must be agreed by both OC’s (and the cadet obviously!), then their original OC sets it up on SMS. It’s great for both squadrons and the cadet’s development too!

I did it when I was at uni (though it was before SMS existed so it was all on paper!).