Super tall lanky cadet: shirt


I have a cadet who is 6’8" (aged 15…) and I’m struggling with shirts for him. In a 46 the sleeves are OK but the collar is massive; in a 41 the collar is fine but he looks like he’s wearing his little brother’s shirt elsewhere.

Any bright ideas? As you can imagine we’d like to get him into something that fits better before 11 Nov…

(He fits into a Tutor by a whisker…!)


Standby for the uniform police to interject, but here’s my advice!

The RAF don’t really do uniform to fit genetic deviances is this nature, so I would adapt and overcome!

If you have a jumper to fit the guy, butcher a Size 41 shirt so the collar shows fine - chop the arms and bottom bits off. Wear the size 46 shirt underneath with the top bits of the size 41 shirt on top, then his jumper. He’ll look fine and the parade will go swimmingly!

Alternatively, go and buy a shirt from M&S or wherever that does fit him. Take the financial hit from school coffers. It’s not like there aren’t a million different shades of light blue shirts already in the supply system. Ignore the fact it doesn’t have epaulettes - is he really going jumperless for Remembrance Parade?

Get him to enjoy his Tutor experiences whilst they last.

And well done you for getting enough other uniform to fit the lad!


When I was in the RAF proper I was kitted out with shirts with “extra long” sleeves, as opposed to the ‘standard’ long sleeve, owing to my own lankiness.

Might be worth contacting your parent station and finding out if they have these to hand.


I have been told on numerous occasions that stores will not order cadets or ACO staff out of standard size uniform, unless your Wing or Squadron pay for it to happen.

I have heard of wings paying the money to then get the items 6 months later, surprise surprise they no longer fit the cadet in question, this means most wings wont do it.

I am with batfink on this one, adapt and overcome and then either get the scissors and sewing kit out, or run down to your local M&S.


You can order shirts with extra long sleeves. I can find the NSNs if you’re interested


This is fair advice and im a bit of a uniform nazi!

A friendly chat to stores and pack of mcvities finest may get some help from the parent unit.


As a full-size person myself, I can confirm that what he needs are “extra-long sleeve” shirts - NSN for my 39 is 99-869-7092


Just buy a similar wedgwood shirt for him, no-one will complain and it’s not a hanging offence!!


Thanks all. TF if you have the NSN for collar 41 extra long sleeve that might be a good start: I am on reasonable biscuit terms with the Benson stores :slight_smile:


Probably 99-869-7094



On a related note the Double Two shirts seem to be disappearing. Cadet Kit Shop are out of all middle sizes (and are supposed to be getting back to me but haven’t). I managed to buy the last size 16 (for myself not my cadet!) on another website but when I tried to buy 2 they didn’t have a second one. Are they being discontinued, does anyone know?


found 'em

Shirt Men’s Extra Long Sleeve Wedgwood Blue (Collar)

Stock Number Size
8405-99-8696090 37
8405-99-8696091 38
8405-99-8696092 39
8405-99-8696093 40
8405-99-8696094 41
8405-99-8696095 42
8405-99-8696096 43
8405-99-8696097 44
8405-99-8696098 45
8405-99-8696099 46
8405-99-8696100 47
8405-99-8696101 48


Bargain. Thanks.