Super camp gold leadership

Hi, my wing has just sent out a message about a super camp happening in a couple of months and one of the activities is gold leadership, my sqn wanted me to go to ACLC this year but it was cancelled so I was wondering should I do the course on the super camp instead of going to ACLC for my gold leadership?

Yep- I would go for it! We don’t know when ACLC might be back and running- so if you wanted to complete an Advanced Leadership Course this is likely it for 2021 at least.

If you apply then I welcome you to being one of a few pilot groups to refine the new course for me!

ACLC has been reviewed, and whilst a great course, doesn’t quite align with the progression desired of the Blue-Bronze-Silver-Gold courses.

The RAFAC Advanced Leadership course is 4 days of advanced leadership theory and is being developed in collaboration with the RAF Tedder Leadership Academy.

Once these pilot courses have fed back to me the course will be released for delivery by Regions to use from 2022.


Did you want to go to ACLC this year?


Haha yeah didn’t mean to make it sound like that, but yes I did, although a little nervous I did ask to put my name forward, the only thing is that they’re keeping me sergeant at my sqn because they want me to go :slight_smile:

I’ve always thought this maximum rank criteria is nonsense.


I’m redesigning EVERYTHING about the course. Including the eligibility elements.
This is not a CCF course and therefore we won’t be required to work within the restrictions of ACLC eligibility.
Likewise, this isn’t going to have a 2.4km run requirement.


Is it eligible for all Sqns?

And can it be done at more than 2 locations/camps, maybe even as low as Wing level?

It’s designed to be delivered by region. It is still the top award in the leadership stream after all.

SW region… I need some accommodation on October half term to allow me to run the course…

Each region is able to trial the course at that time. Thereafter it’ll be run by and for regions.

Also working on external recognition/accreditation but that will take longer.

Design will allow flexibility in delivery, modular and eligible for f2f/virtual/blended delivery.


I appreciate that’s better than it was, but it still doesn’t really make sense.

At squadron level we can deliver the top award of the DofE stream with no issues and with a far higher level of oversight from a separate governing body.

What makes leadership special?

Largely to keep it in line with the rules for bronze and silver.
Bronze is multi sqn eg sector level
Silver is multi sqn recommended wing level.
Gold therefore…

Gold DofE is an external qual.

Other gold courses not able to be delivered on Sqn
Gold cyber
Gold radio
Gold wings
Gold music
Gold FA

In fact… gold DofE is the ONLY gold qual we have which may be attained on a sqn? So it’s not new at all.

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In theory… Gold Road Marching (Nijmegen) COULD be delivered at a Squadron level, provided there was sufficient staff support…

Technically with the require that to do a residential you can’t do all of Gold DofE at Squadron level

Are you going old school and returning to a 1.5 Mile?


Who’s going to be eligible to teach/deliver it? At the minute it’s rather arbitrary who can deliver bronze/silver, with some wings allowing senior cadets to teach it (despite it not being allowed), and some demanding ILM/CGI quals.

Work in progress. Please bear with us! As stated, the course OP is applying to is a pilot to test and adjust.
We will learn a lot during completion I am sure. Whilst I have a clear view, this may need to be adjusted with experience in delivery. I don’t want to advise yet when it might change.
I understand the frustration which accompanies a flip-flop in such decisions.


So you’re not running the ILM?

Through CVQO without LIBOR funding that is now rather expensive

Any update on how this went @sss ?

In the process of submitting executive summary for CEB approval. All going well we should have an approved REGION-Delivered Gold leadership offering this year