Sunflower lanyard

I was just wondering if the sunflower lanyard is allowed in cadets (I have autism and adhd) and my flight sergeant asked me what it was for and he said hidden disabilities however he wasn’t sure whether it was allowed or not. I don’t think it mentions in anywhere?

My belief is that when in uniform it isn’t to be worn.

However, when out of uniform by all means. Could be an interesting conversation with your SNCOs to understand the reasons for it, to help you during your time in the corps.

It should allow us to help adapt your cadet experience, and not as a stop to doing things.

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I think it’s one of those things that the dress regulations don’t anticipate but that anyone sensible isn’t going to make you take off.


I mainly use it for awareness in case I am struggling for whatever reason. I don’t have evidence of a formal diagnosis but that’s because I’m only through the process of the diagnosis. I remember my friend with tourette’s was allowed to wear one and no one on my squadron has seemed to tell me off for it. I’m alright with taking it off on parades as long as someone is aware that I could struggle with something etc.

ask your CO (directly) for permission to wear it whilst in uniform as a reasonable adjustment. Should be a rubber stamp job from them to say yes.

Had the exact situation with face masks & people flapping about regulations - sunflower lanyard meant cadets didn’t have to go into details each time they were seen not wearing a mask.

incidentally the wearing of face masks isn’t in the uniform regulations either. This sort of thing just needs a bit of common sense applied and can be easily resolved by your CO.


It is now as of September

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