Summer Camps 2018 - Cyber, Parachuting & STEM?


I am playing my own personal game of ‘summer camp bingo’ as my In Box keeps pinging with a stream of emails about summer camps in differing formats and deadlines, that is a recipe for confusion. Nevertheless, in terms of having an idea of whether they are happening or not, I am approaching Full House except for potential RAFAC Cyber, Parachuting & STEM residential camps over the summer. Has anybody seen anything on those yet?


Off the top of my head;
Concert band camp
Marching band camp
Choir camp
Drill and Ceremonial camp
Shooting camp
Aviation camp
Stem camps There will be several
Summer camps.
Adv trg camps
Super camp
Ramstein Camp,
Gib camp
Cyprus camp

I am sure that there are more, I know last year they called the Nijmegen Marches a camp last year. :roll_eyes:




Yep, I have got all of those (if only with dates on a flashy poster for Drill & Ceremonial), EXCEPT Cyber, Parachuting and STEM.


I have had notification of two stem camps. Run by the RAF and open to all cadet forces cadet.


We do seem to be compensating for the lack of normal camps by saturating units with niche opportunities now.

Gripe 1: Some are treating it like a competition, trying to beat others to the punch by getting their (often poor) posters out as ridiculously early as their deadlines. when information does dome out, it is too often vague or incomplete

Gripe 2: When I just put people forward for a handful of wing-led camps the process was always the same. Now there seems to be a dozen disparate application processes, some of which are quite complex.

It would benefit from a greater level of standardisation, with individual leads being reigned in an things being properly coordinated. Sadly I can’t think of anybody at present who would be well suited to managing that.


Do you mean you haven’t got anything else to do, who’d have thought that of someone who volunteers.


Don’t forget “Super camp” - whatever the hell that is!!!

Super camps

It might be like ‘great’ camp.


The STEM camp at Wittering is on Sunday 8 April but that’s as much as I know