Summer Camp Spreadsheets

Good morning all.

Has anybody got a “Summer Camp Spreadsheet”? A file that can be used as for interflight competitions, uniform scores, inter-flight comps, flight lists etc?

I know for somebody that know what they are doing this would only take 5-10min to knock up. Unfortunatly I haven’t got a clue about macros.

Positive Karma for anybody that can come up woth the goods :cheer:

I have seen one that will do everything for you from working out inspection scores to best flight certificates (no need to enter names, just print and it does the rest) to doing all the staff’s F80s!

I’ll have a look to see if I can find it for you, might take a few days though.

Edit - just seen the date of the original post! Guess you won’t mind waiting a bit longer.

If you found such a thing I’d appreciate a copy since I appear to be adj this year!