Subsidising Cadets for Sqn Dinners?

Really looking for anything in writing for Sqn Dinners where cadets are attending and they are paying… what percentage (if at all) can be subsidised by Sqn funds??

As much as the committee approve, it’s non public money and controlled by them


We used to run it on the basis that the cadets pay a fiver. This was more as an incentive to ensure they turn up rather than being put towards the meal!


I’ve usually looked at the baseline costs of the meal, then added a bit to each adult price and subtracted a bit per cadet. Also usually run a raffle etc if parents or guests are invited to add a bit of money to the funds. BUT as has been said before, it’s non-public money so really down to the committee to decide.

I must’ve gone to a really posh Squadron then!

if IIIRC we paid £20-30 per Cadet and it was a three course meal at the local golf course :joy:

Sounds like my old place…

We used to charge cadets full pricr and ended up pricing some out of the event. Back when I was a cadet that was changed - monthly subs costs went up and cadets now effectively pay during the year.

Our committee decided to subsidise staff a lot and cadets a bit, usually get a good showing, but this year is the first since 2019 so most cadets don’t really know what it is.