Hi all. I was just wondering how much each sqn charges for subs.

Ours charges 2 pounds a week.

Just wanted to see if any others charge more or less?

Also do you have a specific person to collect the subs.

And if subs were to rise or fall in price who would that decision fall too? Our Committee or our OC?



£2 a week too
Most of my friends units are the same


Whatever your subscription charges, as cadets join, set up a direct debit or standing order, with perhaps a slight “discount” for paying 6 or 12 months up front = far less cash handling / accounting issues. If necessary, instigate a changeover for existing cadets,


Think we’re on £11 PM, £62.50 per 6 months or £120 per year.


£35 per quarter with the majority of cadets on Standing Order


£12 per month, paid 1 month in advance, by standing order.

Moving to electronic payments was one of the best things we ever did!


£7 pcm by standing order.
Cheques in advance are accepted if necessary but we try to discourage it.


£8 a month by standing order
£10 a month by cash


We charge £2 a parade night or £12.50 PCM discount to get cadets to use standing order.

There is a sqn local to mine which charges £3 a night. They say because they offer so much to the cadets; band, climbing wall, shooting, canoeing, cycling, it costs more.


£8pm or discounts for payments 6 monthly or yearly. Mostly only by standing order but we have a few who can’t pay that way so do cash.

We also make the first 3 months of junior cadet training free.


The last two bills from WHO, all cadets whether junior or standard are getting charged the same.


We are £12/month mostly STO with 3 who do it by cash or cheque.


We are £12 per month with a discount for paying annually. We’ve also made the move over to Standing Order for new Cadets and in the process of moving the current Cadets over as collecting cash each night is too time consuming and we’ve had a couple of parents who were surprised they owed subs when they send it in each night - the Cadets were saving it up and spending it at the pizza shop on the way home!


£10 per month standing order or £12 per month cash. Our nominated cash handlers take the cash and register it. The decision for increasing/changing the subs was taken to CivCom by OC and then agreed by them. We’ve managed to get all new starters onto standing order from last year and the remaining have seen the light and shifted theirs over too. Same as emz - surprised when they owe, as they thought it was coming to the office, not the tuck shop!!!


Increasing amount depending on the quarter/year they join. Never increases and allows for general inflation of costs of stuff. Only increases 10p per quarter. If they join Q1 2017, it will cost £12.40. If someone joins Q4 2017 it will cost £12.70. Neither cadet has their subs increased over the time they stay (good hook for parents). Always by standing order.


Ok. If our subs were to go up in price. Who has authority to make it happen? Our Committee or our OC?

Our Committee want to increase it and the only reason the have offered is " They haven’t gone up in 3 years".

Is that justification enough?

Personally I see it as lazy fundraising.


Ultimately it’s the committee who set the cost of subs based upon the amount they have to pay to Wing plus whatever they need for day to day running costs.

If they haven’t gone up for 3 years they have effectivly been going down so I don’t see why you wouldn’t put them up at the very least just to cover the difference that inflation has created.


I resist changes in subs on the basis of:

a) We already keep about 50% of it, and
b) It is a real chore to do so.

The idea above, where they are set on a regular basis and cadets pay at that rate throughout their cadet career, is manageable but inherently unfair.


I think I must have misread the above. If you pay less because the subs were lower when you joined then that is inherently indirectly discriminatory as it means that (generally speaking) younger cadets will be paying more. I can’t see the justification for that. I hope I’ve read it wrongly though.


any change to money needs to be accountable.
we can ask the cadets to cough up £1000/ year just because…

get the treasurer to review incomes and outgoings for the last few years
and see what you actually need to operate and go from there.
all though people keep battering on about inflation it would surprise you
if you look about somethings haven’t changed price too much