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I’ve been told by my training officer that he wants to slow me down. This is because i’ve finished leading cadet in less than a year and I’m 13.

The next few parade nights, we are doing classification training and i’m not allowed to do anymore so I can’t do that.

Is there anything I can do in the meantime. I’m not an NCO so I can’t do NCO stuff.


iDEA award scheme, Blue & Bronze Space Award.



Progressive Training System is your friend. Pick a thing, DofE, Music, space/cyber, the list goes on.

They’ve got a point, they don’t want you maxing out the training and getting bored.

The end goal will be for you to finish everything and teach the cadets, probably. But that’s a Master Cadet thing.

My squadron is a very small one, we get an average of 10 cadets and 2 staff a night. They won’t be able to facilitate me doing the pts by myself. Anything i could do? Just looking for suggestions.

Both the iDEA award scheme and the Blue & Bronze Space are able to be done on your own.
If you’ve got access to a laptop from home or at the squadron there’s no reason why you couldn’t work through the iDEA award scheme on your own, or ask the staff to download the Space courses for you to work through.

Additionally, for 1 week a month there are National Radio Exercises that take place on Channel-D which your staff can log you into then leave you to take part in the exercise (if you hold a Bronze Radio Badge)

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