Stripping shoes

Hi I noticed today that on one of my shoes the polish has started cracking off in the creases .
I don’t want to use brushes or saddle soap and all the methods i’ve seen online involve both of those .
Any help is appreciated :slight_smile:

Hair dryer on the medium settung until the polish melts then wipe off with kitchen roll… Repest until all polish is removed

Or my technique is: Take a small ball of fine wire wool (I use 000 grade because that’s what I’ve got in the workshop) and ‘bull’ the shoe with it. i.e. the same small circles with a light touch that one would use to bull.

There’s actually no need to remove all the polish. The wire wool technique will remove the flaking and smooth over the shoe. Everything will become dull and smooth and you’ll think that you’ve got to start all over again but actually, the shoes still have a good layer of polish on and will bull up again in no time.
Before you re-bull however, make sure to wash them off well under the tap / garden hose to remove any swarf and crud.

I’ve been doing it this way for 20+ years.


hahahaha its a good option.

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