Stretching Beret

One of my cadets has managed to shrink their beret despite insisting they didn’t get the band wet (I suspect it got wet when the beret covered the band while it was drying). Does anyone know any methods to stretching this back to its original size? We don’t have any others in stores and he needs a beret for ATC Sunday next weekend.

Hold band… Pull.

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Yeah, as above.

I find that the easiest way it to put it over one knee and pull it towards you.

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Next weekend??

Indeed. God knows why.

17th for us :grimacing:

How very odd

We dont have one :roll_eyes:

We didn’t have one this year either. I hope it’s not going out of fashion!

Everyone parading on the main parade in London is later, because the two weekends prior have been booked by other events.

And yet there’s another wing event that clashes with the parade

Another of my cadets has managed to do the same thing. Out of curiosity, has anyone else had any issues with the right side of the beret band getting wet then shrinking while shaping?

Don’t worry, by the time we return they will probably need a new one anyway :thinking:


That’s true :joy:

To be honest I’ve just never heard of anyone managing to do it before and i’m curious.

When I shape berets I soak the whole thing and ring it out. Then go around the band with a tea towel to get most of the water out. Shape beret and leave it to dry on top of a bowl.

I’ve been shaping berets for 25 years and I’ve never given a toss about getting the band wet.


Me neither.

The black line rubs off easily enough.

Blow up a balloon, stand it in a bowl, put beret on top?

(We drew a face on the balloon with a sharpie. Why not?)

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I usually ball up a towel. It provides support whilst also drying the inside of the beret.

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