Strategy 2019-2025

Has anybody else managed to have a read of the new strategy document yet?

Not as absorbent as I was hoping for.


I don’t think I’ve received it yet

Oooh. A glossy book of dreams. It’s like an argos catalogue… only thinner. And less exciting.


And even more likely to disappoint…


Why is it laminated? TO CATCH THE TEARS OF JOY.


I’ve not got round to reading it yet. Got some drying paint to watch first


Havent received my copy.
Think I might tweet her imperial shoddyness a note asking where it is.

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That’s right Blackadder, I thought it’d be right up your alley

It’s only about six pages.

It’s full of abbreviations and jargon, would have been handy to translate it into layman’s speak if they want everybody to read it.

Interesting point!!

o Provide cadet gliding and flying opportunities via approved civilian providers in as many locations as possible.

Yeah but the rest of it says something about ‘providing it doesn’t tarnish the organisation’s reputation or safety record’… so lots of ambiguous language.

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Typical management speak with a large helping of plausabke deniability.

the authors would call these “terms and conditions”

reminds me of my work holidays.
in my contract it indicates I have X number of days, and an additional week (5 days) is available to those who volunteer in youth groups.
<list of groups - of which the ATC is the top of the list>
“…with the approval of management”

having asked a selection of times over my employment, no manager has approved it…all well and good saying the exciting thing, but the terms and conditions are the real bit which needs reading

Not seen it yet but it will be the typical management wish list BS to make it look like all the meetings have a purpose and they are earning their money.
You would hope her successor will have had major input given her upcoming demise, if not we may as well put in this in the recycling, as the new bod comes in and will want to make their mark and come up with their own vision/strategy and this will as I said be consigned to the bin.

No version of it on sharepoint… as far as I can see anyway