Strategic Comms Actions and Effects Framework

Internal document so no posting, but having just skimmed through this on SharePoint it looks likes a well planned and laid out strategy.

There’s clear focus on identified and prioritised areas and USPs to highlight so this seems a fairly positive step in the right direction and I’m hoping this means that comms and marketing strategy is developing well behind the scenes.

Might be a while to feel any major effect though.

I was impressed to see at the top of the list, recognising CFAVs as the most important asset.

Then flying and gliding as our USP.

Good to see both things written out and labelled as such.


I’ve had a look through and it was good stuff, but there just seemed too much there and likely to cause confusion. 16 strategic objectives and 13 different communication effects in 2 years? If we can pick and choose to reduce the scope then it could be useful.

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It is a bit of a laundry list but no harm setting out what you want. Seems a logical set of objectives too.