Stickers, keyrings e.t.c

Good morning all,

Looking for some advice and suggestions.

Were hosting a some bucket collections over the next few months at some local super markets and im looking to get some stickers (like the future pilot ones you get at Cosford) some keyrings and other bits and bobs to have out on a table to attaract some attention and donations.

Were using the events for both some fundraising and recruitment. We already have some pull up banners and leaflets for the stand so just looking at getting some RAFAC branded merch.

Does anybody know if we can get this for free from anywhere?

Theres a media section on sharepoint with templates.

Best thing to do is download, create /modify using publisher then order them online from a custom supplier.

There’s lots on Amazon & a good turn around time. Although vista print is good for things like the business card handouts.

Try your Wing Media Comms Officer, they will often have a supply of bits and bobs for these events.


I would have thought the local AFCO would be a worth a shout for a roll of stickers or more?

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The easiest way would be to create your own. Personalise for your unit with unit contact info. Address labels are n easy way of creating stickers


The cupboard was very much bare when we asked ours a few weeks ago!

Had a look last year, a supplier already in local use with the sector, prices aren’t that cheap, unless you can share with another sqn (which defeats the object for individual items that have specific sqn numbers, etc), for 100, branded + VAT

Trolley keyrings (the £1 coin size): £145
Small foam gliders: £231
Counter ball pen: £115?
1000 round stickers: £120

Awesome Merchandise 1000 Round Stickers paper £50

This company tends to be good for most items (but shop around as the stickers are cheaper elsewhere)

Did put this together with a little bit of editing.


You’re being robbed

“Future Royal Air Force Air Cadet Air Cadet” [sic]

Not sure about that one :thinking::sweat_smile:

Well, no, we wouldn’t pay their prices. :wink:

Happy to take suggestions for other / better suppliers; the only advantage of local ones is that stock can be collected rather than mailed on.

I know, hella expensive. Hense why i was hoping to get some support from wing but alas, there is nothing available…