Stepping Out and Stepping Short

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My question is this:
In what case is stepping short/out implemented?

Also how would drill commands change in relation to this?


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Is stepping out/stepping short used for left/right wheels?

Yes. But can be used in a variety of circumstances… I think its one of those conmands in their just in case its required.

To be honest ive never used it apart from when it was in the acto 120 comp a few years back

Stepping short could be used to slow a flight down, as an alternative to marking time. For example if there was a slower flight in front of you, to prevent you walking into them. Stepping out could be used to catch up as part of a parade, if your flight are getting left behind.
I would say they are also similar moves to an officer to you front - you practice them as a Squad, but in reality they are individual moves. So if you were marching as a Squad and getting left behind, you would step out to catch up - no command would be given to you to do it, you just would.

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Hahahahaha yeah

Mostly seen them used for drill dodgems/pacman/etc.

The commands are easy:

“Step - Short”
“Step - Out”

And to return to normal:

“Quick - March”


used on Remembrance Day parade when following the Legion

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