Stepping Down

After 3.5 years as Sqn OC, I’ve stepped back down (all be it keeping my time served…) due to work commitments.

Tell you what, I forgot how easy it is NOT being a squadron OC. I’m sure my current one will try to work me hard (note - you know who you are).

But the best choice I had in the corps, taking command.

Second best, stepping down.

Best time I’ve had in 20 years in the corps, but break is needed due to career and plans to take over the world etc.


It always seems to be the hardest yet also the easiest decision to recognise the appropriate time to step down from a command position.

Best wishes Perry, if you need a 2iC for taking over the world I’m in need for a little excitement.


When I stood down as an OC and moved into an adjutants job it was much easier. No phone calls from the wexo during the day and night. No crappy emails to deal with.

My mrs said I was a changed man!!

However my new adj role is quite demanding but I enjoy it and don’t mind doing a bit at home.

Best of British in your new role. I’m currently an Si contemplating joining getting more involved when my service comes to an end. I read and hear so much more negatives than positives about atc service I would appreciate some feedback on your experiences etc

Well done for making this move and lucky there was someone to take over.

I’ve considered stepping down but there are no officers locally to take it on. I suppose I could take the view that it’s not my problem, with the scenario of one of the SNCOs doing it on a ‘temporary’ basis, but I only see this as a potential risk of creating turmoil and not really doing the squadron any favours. I must admit the thought of no more emails, not having to try and give a positive spin to all the activity stoppages and just turning up to deliver training has a lot of appeal.

The last local squadron to have a vacancy took several months to fill and the squadron suffered badly in the interim.

I suppose part of the job as OC Sqn is to ensure that you have a successor in training to replace you whenever you decide to step down/move on up rather than leave it until you are already at that stage. Now is a better time than any to get recruiting!

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