STEM Activities on parade nights?

I’m in the process of coming up with some STEM activities for parade nights, and need some ideas. I have a few old STEM competitions that we can use as a basis, but these all require a lot of work and expensive equipment, something that won’t work with the squadron in it’s current state. I need some cheap activities that can be completed in a parade night or two, that work as an introduction to STEM, especially things that will integrate both our new cadets and older cadets/NCOs, and keep both groups interested and working together. Any ideas?

Have you got a Wing STEM Officer? They might have access to equipment and exercises that you could use/borrow.

I haven’t got anything to hand personally, but have you taken a look at the STEM Portal on Sharepoint?

Heard that most Wings now hold MTa STEM kits but never seen yet

There’s load of stuff depending what sort of STEM you want to do.

From coding, to building moon rovers - all without the need for specialist equipment. Google STEM Classroom activities as they seem to be cheap and easy to run on a parade evening