STEM Activities & Command Tasks

Hi everyone,

I want to plan some STEM-related tasks and some command tasks for the cadets to do when we return after the lockdown - something a bit different, challenging and fun but I’m struggling for ideas on what to do.
Does anyone have any suggestions or ideas about what I could do?

Thanks in advance!

Are you staff?

There’s a STEM Portal with resources and links on SharePoint and Corps Stem Officer created an activity booklet.

A lot isn’t top notch, but it’s a starting point.

Any good ideas for command tasks via TEAMS.

Please, sensible ideas only.

No, I’m a Cadet NCO - thanks though!

in my experience STEM tends to be all of those anyway.

it is different - making something (often to do something)
it is challenging - often making something to do a task against the clock
it is fun - for the above two reasons.

pick a task like building something out of Lego, Meccano or Knex to carry a raw egg across the parade square, or will hold 3 litres of water 1m above the ground as an examples

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Follow the Corps STEM Officer on Twitter; always comes up with some interesting ideas.

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I am after something to do live on teams as a lead exercise.

Hmmm socially distanced STEM and command tasks will be an interesting concept. STEM perhaps not so as you can fiddle around on your own for them, but a team oriented STEM.

I’ve got one of those old* air power excercises - (plan what time your typhoons have to take off to maintain air superiority etc.) Which I can scan in and upload… you could then type it up into PowerPoint (or similar) and assign it to the cadets…

More on the maths-y side of things and it would mean they go away for 15min and come back with a plan.

*I say old, I found it in a box of cadet-y stuff from 10yrs back, no idea if it’s an excercise that’s still in circulation


Everything you need…


Can’t beat a bit of Greg Davies!

Yes please

Got it. And the excellent follow up book

STEM - (Scan) Air Power Download

This link will expire in 30days

(I’ll have to mention that as I was a cadet at the time I didn’t have the answers, so you’ll need to work it out before setting it for any cadets - And share it with me to see if I got it right 10yrs ago :joy: )


Excellent thanks

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Would you do a planex or do you want a planks / rope / oil drum type idea?

I’m after any exercise which can be used with a group of cadets on teams as a smeac driven leadership exercise.

The limitation is what cadets have in their houses so I think planks and drums are out.
Has to be suitable for completion over teams, where team members cant see each other except by webcam.

Let me chew that over.

You could give them a theme for something and they have to do a bit pass it on/share until it’s completed. Anything involving actual kit will need them to all have exactly the same stuff lying around and they all do their own thing. Which is what socially distanced activities will be like.