Staying at Okehampton Camp

I’m building up days for my Hill and Moorland Leader course and am planning to do some solo walks on Dartmoor. With the aim of keeping costs down, I was wondering if it might be possible to stay at Okehampton camp for a night or two. Has anyone done this before or know if it’s possible? Suggestions for any other military bases to stay at while building up hill days would be great too.

Capel Curig is the obvious one but it might also be worth contacting the adventure training centres to see if they do anything.

Most of the terrain around Capel would be Mountain Days rather than Hill or Moorland.

If you look at the Corps AT Course list they run “top up your logbook” weeks at Windermere & Fairbourne.

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We’ve never had a problem staying at Okehampton, just ring up and ask.

Sennybridge might be a good option as well.

Why not just go to Windermere or Fairbourne during the ‘top up your logbook weeks’??

Is there an echo in here?

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Thanks everyone. I’ll give Okehampton a call and check out Sennybridge too.

The ‘Top up your logbook’ weeks are great opportunities, but I’m looking for the odd couple of days as well and in different locations. Dartmoor is a lot closer to me than Fairborne or Windermere.

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