Starting RC Model Flying

For some time I’ve wondered about offering model flying as part of a training program in the summer months. We have a relatively local field (who also have a couple of ex-cadets who fly there!). I’ve looked at ACTO75 - which appears to have been updated as it now appears very straight forward in terms of setting up the activity.

In essence:
[li]join BMFA[/li]
[li]present at local club for advice & guidance[/li]
[li]fly under their best practice guidelines[/li]
[li]produce local risk assessments[/li]

All quite straight forwards. Now, one of the bits which got me perplexed - and which I just want to sound out with you all is this one…

My question arises with the word supervise. I presume it means cannot directly supervise unless suitably qualified & experienced etc. Ie, you can supervise your cadets under another instructor who is suitably qualified (as per buying in instructors in an AT envirvonment) but cannot lead the activity yourself unless qualified. Also, does this mean we can’t fly them under the supervision of said instructors with cadets present?

Is anybody out there still RC Flying - did you get qualified yourself or use BMFA instructors from your local club?

Also, do we still have to join BMFA as a squadron just to do this once/twice a year???

Thoughts welcome!

[quote=“Batfink” post=1290]

Also, do we still have to join BMFA as a squadron just to do this once/twice a year???

Thoughts welcome![/quote]

Although the r/c flying situation locally has been put on temporary hold, I was formally advised that all Cadets and all Staff at our squadron had to be fully paid-up individual members of the SAA (see, that apparently being the recognised lead body in Scotland. It was officially advised to me as being an absolute pre-requirement, and although the magazines and support were good, it cost me quite a bit in total, as I couldn’t convince Cadets (or Staff at that time) to pay by themselves, or to keep up the annual renwals.

There was also an absolute pre-requirement for any Staff involved in flying the models or doing any form of instruction to be licenced through that body (this irrespective of previous experience or other memberships).

It was made crystal-clear to me that no r/c flying whatsoever could take place without these requirements being met in full, as otherwise it would be uninsured and unsanctioned, irrespective of RAs or Corps insurances.

Therefore, currently we, as a squadron, build (eg a couple of large ARTFs and the mega UAV project), but we do not fly, unfortunate though that is. The local situation will need to be re-assessed soon.