Star wars

Ok so … just got disney plus.

But what an absolute stinking pile of excrement star wars episode IX is.

Seemed really forced and without reason.
Just a lot of glad handing and cameos.

Was it not good enough that JJ Abrams ruined the star trek films…now he has to fully rinse star wars too?

I mean come on… what’s with that new droid. The one that looks like a desk lamp slapped on a pram wheel?
Was that a bet or something in the art department?


Disney plus is great though. :+1:

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One of the original droids was just a trash can with feet…


Ducktales and home improvement :ok_hand::ok_hand:


Oh wow, I didn’t realise Home Improvement was on there, I’ve just been marathoning the Simpsons. Time to get mad about another show.

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Mandalorian will redeem it for you. Truly some of the best Star Wars ever.


That’s tommorow!

Ducktales is on there!?!

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I have a hard time disliking it greatly. It’s not like much of the old stuff was outstanding (the Rebellion wouldn’t have won if the Empire weren’t too stupid to live; the Death Star had 7000 fighters on board and all that launched was Vader’s squadron). I love Star Wars, which means I love to hate it.

Though I will die on the hill that the Emperor should have come back as a Ken doll. Again.

Nothing like Mandolorian on and building a 1700 piece Lego Star Wars ship.


Was last time I checked