Staff Welfare Ability

As I know in school some teachers in secondry schools are trained and specialise in dealing with students teen problems. But I presume that ATC adult staff don’t have such training unless they happen to also be a teacher. So, is it still possible to apporach SQN staff with things worrying such teenager, or is it best to find someone else suitbly trained?

You can approach Sqn staff and they will know someone who they or yourself can contact, but you’re right in that not all staff will be able to deal with it directly.

There is no problem approaching any of the staff in the same way you would approach any of the non-specialist teachers at school.

A lot of staff will have training in welfare from their day job but others won’t. All should listening to you & be able to support with a bit of sign posting & wider help.

The only staff member who is principally trained in welfare are Sqn padres and this is in fact the primary reason for Sqns to have them.

The Padres day job means that they have been trained in pastoral support, active listening and welfare (including sign posting) so are in general are excellent points of contacts. The citizenship training & ceremonial aspects are primarily to help keep them involve & aloe the cadets & staff to get to know them.

This will of course vary from individual to individual but the key important thing is that you feel comfortable with the staff member you approach.


I think the important message here is don’t ever be afraid to approach your Squadron Staff, it is so important that nobody suffers in silence.

Sure, a lot of Squadron Staff may not have had formal training to deal with welfare issues, but if they are not able to help they should direct you to someone who can. Also, whatever the issue might be, a chat with an adult who you trust and feel comfortable talking too who isn’t school or family might be just the thing that is needed, regardless of whether they have any training.

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@Chief_Tech is spot on with the Padre as a source of support. I suggest this when cadets have come to us with things. A chat with the padre is a confidential one (within the normal scope) and afaic whatever is discussed not to be disclosed to me or anyone in the Corps.

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