Staff Qualifications

Admittedly I’ve only had a brief look on ACC, however I was wondering if there was a list or document of all the ACO qualifications on offer to staff.

It would be beneficial to have a copy of this durng our squadron opening evenings to try and entice new staff to join.

Your help is always appreciated!

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City and Guilds intermediate apprenticeship in being taking for granted.


There are some options through CVQO, but you’re likely in for a fight and would need good justification if you’re asking for it to be funded. Some wings are able to offer First Aid At Work, but not all offer it FOC.

Aside from that, D1 (I guess it’s still offered?), and then pretty much just RAFAC/cadet force specific courses (ATF courses, shooting quals, ECO, M-Qual…). Maybe if you’re deemed important enough you get offered more, but I get the impression that those in leadership and management positions aren’t offered leadership and management training or volunteer management training.

That’s all I’m aware of, but happy to find out otherwise.

Pretty much every Adventure Training Qualification you can imagine:

Mountain Leader
Hill and Moorland Leader
Lowland Leader
MIAS (Mountain Biking)
CWA (Indoor Climbing)
SPA (Outdoor Climbing)
All sort of Canoeing/Kayaking Qualifications
DofE Assessor

All of which are employable skills open to all staff and also to staff cadets.


Only intermediate?
We would all get the higher advanced for that, by right, after our first year of service.

Some wings offer the level 3 in education and training (or whatever PTTLLS is now!).

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Technically with enough justification every AT qualification that is offered to the regular forces is also open to the cadet forces. That’s a bloody long list!

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Does anyone know if this now exists?

The only important ones are Di and DI (Arms) :wink::wink:

Short answer? No, it doesn’t - or if it does I am unaware of it’s existence.

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This sounds like a great real-world reason to move towards those “trade pathways” for staff which I keep banging on about elsewhere… :wink:

Quite demonstrably, nobody really knows exactly what’s available and how to approach it.

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Or perhaps an ACTO 99 type thing but for optional training, all under categories and descriptions of how to undertake the training.

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I can think of a lot that RAFAC don’t offer too… (some of which I have, as do other CFAVs)

I’m am am advocate for the trade pathways also…need to ensure though it’s fairly represented across the wing though

@AlexCorbin By ‘fairly represented’ does that mean some people would be prevented from doing something they wanted because there is a quota system? That sounds like restrictive practice, these are frowned upon in the workplace and that aside would go against a voluntary setting, where people even more so do things that they want to do or like doing.

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Nope not at all I’m just saying that some planning would need to be in place to enable cadets from what ever part of the wing to have access to each subject area

Hmmmm, so if say there are a lot of FMS people in one corner of the wing (as was the case in our Wing) and more people in that corner wanted to be FMS qualified that would be OK, if there wasn’t as many proportionately in other parts. I’ve picked FMS as it is/was largely an in-house set up.

More there needs to be a plan to gap fill and encourage staff to gain those quals in the parts of the wing where their isnt any qualified staff in a certain area.

Think it would come down to sector working really.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t that why we have WSOs?

Yes, your Wing Fieldcraft Officer may run a yearly FTX for cadets, but their main job should be to encourage wider participation of cadets, and that can only be done by training more staff, and encouraging different units to work together.

The “Trade Pathways” idea is a white elephant - the current system should provide for everything you say should be done (albeit I think we, as an organisation, should collaborate more). The fact that some people are not doing this falls squarely on our Wing Commanders.

The Shooting Portal is a good, current example of how this works already. New staff can log on, choose what they want to do, and it will point them in the direction they need to go. It will even show you national courses.

Now, if only all areas were as forward thinking as that - imagine a portal that would give you a national view of all of the AT training and courses running in the next 18 months, fed by National, Regional, and Wing AT officers. All collated and displayed for you to peruse at your leisure…

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By and large, that already exists in the national course list, as it includes regional & local courses, assuming people submit them.for inclusion.

That said the forthcoming training portal should address this I understand.