Staff Phoning Parents: A Query

Do the staff have to talk to the cadet prior to phoning home?

for example, do they have to tell you why they are phoning home?

Think we need more context here. But unless you’re a staff cadet if I felt I needed to call your parents I wouldn’t always tell you depending on the situation


if they need to talk to your parents then thats it.

I wouldn’t consult a cadet around calling their home if I felt I was necessary

Nothing to worry about then.

Without context we cant really give you any advice

All i know is i got asked if a phone was mine, which it was. and then later in the night my parent was called. unsure as to why though.

I can see two possible solutions I’d try if it were me and I desperately needed to know… In the following order:

  1. Ask your parents.
  2. Ask your Sqn staff.

I’m also reminded of an expression my mother used a lot when I was growing up: “We’re talking ‘about you’ not ‘to you’…”

my parent wasn’t available at the time to answer the phone. so they don’t know. and i don’t have a chance to ask the staff member

In which case I’m sure that all will become clear in due course if it needs to.

I wouldn’t lose sleep over it. It could be anything.

If it’s urgent they’ll call again.

In what situation would you call a Staff Cadet’s parents except for NOK purposes?

It could be anything from asking for a form to be returned (e.g. gift aid) or confirming arrangements for an activity, to discipline or welfare concern. No way of knowing, so I wouldn’t worry about it for now.

If I had an issue with a cadet I would normally talk to them about it first before phoning their parents, but I wouldn’t feel obligated to do so.

I always attempt to resolve issues at the lowest possible level.